Along with great quality, a top-level cleaning company centers itself around offering great customer service while being socially responsible.

company information

All in One Janitorial has been offering its cleaning management solutions to Alberta based businesses since 2006. With a wider range of building types and sizes under their belt they understand what it takes to keep a building clean. They are in business to uphold the integrity of their industry and to be an organization businesses are happy to partner with.


Delivering consistent quality gives us the opportunity to build long standing relationships with our clients. Quality is the foundation for what we do.


Placing emphasis on the needs of our clients allows us to deliver more than just great cleaning.


Maintaining a high level of corporate social responsibility will ensure our impact to the environment and our economy is a positive one.

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our corporate pledge

We pledge to make everything we do centered on building and maintaining long and healthy partnerships with all our clients. We will do this by taking the following action:

  • Offering the highest possible cleaning quality
  • Delivering the best service in the industry
  • Operating with a high level of corporate social responsibility
  • Always offering accurate and competitive pricing

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